RRC 2018

Resource Recycling Conference and Trade Show 2019

American Chemistry Council (ACC)
Washington, D.C.

Booth # 406 & 408

The American Chemistry Council's Plastics Division represents leading companies dedicated to providing innovative solutions to help end plastic waste. North American plastics makers have committed to reusing, recycling, or recovering all plastic packaging by 2040 to help us move toward a more circular economy. To that end, plastic makers are working with the value chain to harmonize the definition of plastics recycling, expand access to collection programs, invest in traditional recycling infrastructure, support advanced recycling and recovery technologies such as chemical recycling, design new products and packages for greater recyclability, and support the growth of domestic markets for recycled plastics.

Association of Plastic Recyclers
Washington, D.C.

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) is the “voice of plastics recycling.” As the international trade association representing the plastics recycling industry, membership includes independent recycling companies of all sizes, processing numerous resins, as well as consumer product companies, equipment manufacturers, testing laboratories, organizations and others committed to the success of plastics recycling. APR advocates the recycling of all plastics.

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS)
Eugene, OR

Booth # 302

BHS is a worldwide leader in the innovative design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of sorting systems and components for the plastics, solid waste recycling, waste-to-energy, and construction and demolition industries. Wholly-owned subsidiaries include Nihot (Amsterdam), NRT (Nashville, Tenn.) and Zero Waste Energy (Lafayette, Calif.). BHS is also the home of Max-AI technology, a breakthrough artificial intelligence that identifies materials, makes intelligent decisions and directs equipment such as robotic sorters. Clients around the globe choose BHS because of its experience, dedication to cutting-edge technology, quality construction and durability, and unmatched customer service. BHS has built some of the largest and most durable materials recovery facilities in the world – and they are achieving the highest throughput, recovery, and purity rates in the industry.

The Carton Council of North America
Denton, Texas

Booth # 209

The Carton Council is composed of four leading carton manufacturers, Elopak, SIG Combibloc, Evergreen Packaging and Tetra Pak. Through a united effort, the Carton Council is committed to building a sustainable infrastructure for carton recycling and works toward the continual goal of adding access to carton recycling throughout the U.S. The group works to deliver long-term collaborative solutions to divert valuable cartons from landfills and promotes sorting post-consumer aseptic and gable top cartons into Grade #52.  Stable end markets exist for Grade #52 both domestically and internationally.

ClearStream Recycling Inc
Palos Heights, Illinois

Booth # 301 & 303

Visibility is the key to successful diversion in public spaces. The ClearStream system educates visitors with clear bins, restricted openings and bold signage. Clear bins allow visitors and security personnel to "See Something, Say Something." Recycled content of all Clearstream bins exceeds 50 percent. ClearStream and its brands are sole-sourced products, 100 percent made in the USA and shipped factory direct to the company's customers.

Container Recycling Institute
Culver City, California

Booth # 314

CRI’s mission is to make North America a global model for the collection and quality recycling of packaging materials

Crigler Enterprises, Inc.
Mabelton, Georgia

Booth # 312

Crigler Enterprises, Inc., established in 1972, provides quality recycling equipment and complete turn-key material recovery solutions. Crigler Enterprises' recycling equipment distributing company offers a full line of waste and scrap processing equipment and waste handling systems, including balers, shredders, conveyors, and customized pneumatic conveyance systems.

International Packaging Co, LLC
Harvey, Louisiana

Booth # 300

International Packaging Co, LLC (IPC) was established in 1991 as a dealer in used blow molding equipment. After being dormant for a period of time, IPC re-established itself as a provider of used equipment to companies in the plastics industry in February 2002. IPC added injection molding and auxiliary equipment to its product offering soon after and now has a large selection of blow molding, injection molding and auxiliary equipment available to its valued customers. This company has helped a large number of customers procure the equipment that meets their very specific needs, on a timely basis, and with a high level of personal service. IPC offers a number of products and services to its customers including, buying and selling used equipment, offering partially or fully rebuilt equipment, complete plant liquidations and consultation regarding equipment valuation.

Load Connex
Glendale, California

Booth # 412 & 414

Load Connex is a platform that enables shippers to work directly with carriers. Shippers can add as many carriers as desired and when a load is entered, Load Connex automatically identifies the best candidates, requests their rates and displays the results on a single page. The system uses machine learning and sophisticated algorithms to determine optimal carriers with available trucks. In addition, the platform handles shipper/carrier/driver communication, displays the load on a moving map and continuously monitors trucks, issuing alerts when delayed.

Raw Materials Company Inc.
Port Colborne, Ontario

Booth # 203

Raw Materials Company Inc. (RMC) is an international leader in primary battery processing and recycling. RMC has locations in the U.S. and Canada and offers battery recycling programs for small and large volumes and all battery types. RMC is permitted to collect, store, transport and process all battery types at our government-licensed, ISO 14001-registered facility.  RMC’s patented recycling technology provides a circular recycling solution for battery waste and its exclusive patented recycling technology has been independently audited under the CSA Recycling Guideline CSA SPE-890-15, earning a recycling efficiency score of 84 percent and a diversion score of 87 percent.

The Recycling Partnership
Falls Church, Virginia

Booth # 307 & 309

The Recycling Partnership is an industry-funded nonprofit partnership aimed at transforming the U.S. curbside recycling system. The organization understands the importance of robust curbside recycling to feed domestic end markets and is designed to grow participation in curbside recycling programs nationwide by engaging all public and private recycling stakeholders.

Alpharetta, Georgia

Booth # 402

From sensor based sorting machines to turnkey recycling plants, REDWAVE delivers the best solution for customer needs in paper, plastic and glass sorting.

Resource Recycling, Inc.
Portland, Oregon

Booth # 201

For over three decades, Resource Recycling, Inc. has been the leader in providing news, analysis and connections to the recycling industry. The company publishes Resource Recycling, Plastics Recycling Update and E-Scrap News, all of which take form as print publications and weekly e-newsletters that deliver the best reporting and industry insight to materials recovery leaders. In addition, Resource Recycling, Inc. produces the Resource Recycling Conference, the Plastics Recycling Conference and the E-Scrap Conference. These marquee events bring together thousands of stakeholder representatives annually for critical conversations and business networking opportunities that open fresh pathways to recycling's growth and evolution.

Re-TRAC Connect
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Booth # 306 & 308

Re-TRAC Connect is web-based software that transforms the way clients manage and measure waste and recycling programs. The company has been in the industry for over 15 years and is trusted by over 30,000 organizations to collect, manage and analyze recycling and solid waste data. Re-TRAC Connect is more than just a software solution; it’s an extension of the team.

Shred-Tech Corporation
Cambridge, Ontario

Booth # 400

Shred-Tech designs and manufactures mobile and stationary shredding machinery for a variety of waste applications. Everything from e-waste, metals, tires, documents, medical waste, plastics, wood and packaged products can be shredded and recycled. Shred-Tech has installed over 5,000 systems worldwide. Visit the company's website or call 1-800-465-3214 for more details.

U.S. EPA Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program
Washington, D.C.

Booth # 313

EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program is a voluntary partnership program that works with utilities, retailers, manufacturers, states, affiliates and others to collected used refrigerated appliances and implement best environmental practices for the disposal of these units, going beyond federal requirements to protect Earth’s climate and ozone layer. As a result of their commitments, RAD partners prevent emissions that are harmful to the environment, prevent the release of hazardous substances, save landfill space through recycling, and reduce energy consumption.

Waste Management  
Houston, Texas

As North America’s leading post-consumer recycler, Waste Management has been leading change in the ever-growing and dynamic recycling industry for more than three decades.During this period, we’ve also invested more than $1 billion in recycling processing infrastructure, including over $110 million in 2018 alone. This leadership resulted in over 15 million tons of recycled goods in 2018, a 91 percent increase in recycling tons since 2007.