2015 Resource Recycling Sponsors and Exhibitors

RRC2015 sponsors and exhibitors

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Booth #306

AEI provides solutions to difficult screening applications.  For fine sizing, the bivi-TEC handles high moisture and fibrous materials without plugging or blinding.  For coarse sizing, the Eco-Star Dynamic Disc screen offers superior efficiency and capacity in a small footprint without wrapping or jamming.  These two patented systems provide the cornerstone to effective sizing of difficult materials without the headaches of conventional systems. Whether a client needs a single piece of equipment or a turnkey plant, AEI can provide a solution to the most demanding applications.

American Chemistry Council
Washington, D.C.

Booth #203

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) Plastics Division represents the leading plastics resin manufacturers in the U.S. ACC conducts research and recycling studies for plastics packaging as well as plastic bags and film.  It also produces life-cycle inventories on the major virgin and recycled resins, and the group provides technical, educational and marketing assistance to state and local officials, businesses and customer groups. The Plastics Division sponsors programs that increase plastics recycling through implementation of sustainable and efficient recycling programs. The association's plastics websites include americanchemistry.com/plastics, plasticbagrecycling.org and allplasticpbottles.org.

Emmaus, Pennsylvania   


Published since 1960, BioCycle is the go-to magazine and website for information on composting, organics recycling, anaerobic digestion and renewable energy.  BioCycle shows how to process organic residuals such as yard trimmings, food waste, woody materials, biosolids, manure, high strength organic wastes, municipal solid waste (MSW), and other source-separated feedstocks into value-added products.  Such products include compost and engineered soils that renew agricultural and urban soils without the need of chemically derived fertilizers as well as biogas-derived electricity and vehicle fuels that replace fossil fuels and reduce dependence on imported energy. BioCycle is the "organics recycling authority."  A one-year subscription that includes print, online and e-news is just $49.

Buhler, Inc.   
Stockton, California

Booth #201

Buhler provides integrated sorting stations for recycled or virgin plastic processors that demand the highest standards of purity and quality.  Buhler now offers a turnkey solution for its SORTEX range of optical sorters with a focus on precision sorting, maximizing capacity and yield, and delivering a consistent performance.  The SORTEX A MultiVision, which is packed with innovations, offers a wide range of options with its advanced MultiVision inspection system and broadband LED illumination technology.

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS)
Eugene, Oregon

Booth #207

Headquartered in Eugene, OR, BHS is a worldwide leader in the innovative design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of sorting systems and components for the solid waste, recycling, waste-to-energy, and construction and demolition industries. Wholly-owned subsidiaries include Nihot (Amsterdam), NRT (Nashville, TN) and Zero Waste Energy (Lafayette, CA). Clients around the globe choose BHS because of its experience, dedication to cutting-edge technology, quality construction and durability, and unmatched customer service. BHS has built some of the largest and most durable MRFs in the world – and they are achieving the highest throughput, recovery, and purity rates in the industry.

City of Austin, Resource Recovery
Austin, Texas

Booth #113

The Austin Recycling Economic Development Program’s mission is to attract, retain and grow zero-waste businesses and entrepreneurs in order to create local jobs and foster a resilient zero-waste ecosystem in Central Texas.  The program is a partnership between two City of Austin departments: the Economic Development Department and Austin Resource Recovery.  The program is currently redeveloping the Austin [re]Manufacturing Hub, a 100-plus acre eco-industrial park for recycling and reuse firms.  The Hub is currently accepting letters of interest from potential tenants.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Booth #308

Covanta Indianapolis has been converting waste into renewable steam to power Downtown Indianapolis since 1988, and as a result, successfully diverted 16 million tons of municipal solid waste from landfills in the Indy area.  To achieve greater sustainability, Covanta is developing a state-of-the-art automated materials recovery facility that will separate and recover recyclable materials from Indy’s mixed municipal solid waste.  Using the latest mechanical and sensor-based technologies, supported by skilled operators, the Covanta Advanced Recycling Center will recover 80 to 90 percent of recyclable plastic, metal and paper and will immediately increase Indy’s recycling by 500 percent.

CP Group
San Diego, California

Booth #100

The CP Group is made up of four industry-proven brands and provides the waste and recycling industry a single source solution for materials recovery facilities and equipment needs.  With over 155 years of combined experience, the CP Group has established itself as a pioneer and leader in the field of recycling equipment and waste management innovation.  The company offer turnkey custom MRF solutions for single stream, MSW, front-end fuel preparation, construction and demolition, commercial and industrial and electronic waste.

EREMA North America, Inc.
Ipswich, Massachusetts

Booth #101

EREMA is the world's market leader in the development and production of plastic recycling systems and components.  Over 4,000 EREMA systems worldwide now produce more than 14 million tons of plastic pellets annually.  Since 1992, customers throughout the United States and Canada have relied on EREMA North America, Inc. for the company's technical expertise, sales support and extensive spare parts inventory.  The firm's facility, located in Ipswich, Massachusetts, includes a customer demonstration area featuring the latest technology.

Glasdon, Inc.
Richmond, Virginia

Booth #209

Glasdon, Inc. designs, manufactures and supplies an extensive product range, including recycling containers, trash cans and more. The company has been supplying a wide range of customers worldwide since 1959 and assists organizations implement or update their current schemes. Glasdon leadership prides itself on offering products of the highest quality and value, in a choice of styles, colors and options, so customers are sure to find the perfect solution.

Gottlieb, Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Booth #213

Gottlieb, Inc. is an aluminum manufacturer that specializes in purchasing, processing and melting baled post-consumer foil/pie plates, aluminum aerosol cans, cat food containers, and off-spec UBC packages, all either either baled separately or commingled.  The company has designed and implemented a unique MRF aluminum processing system that processes various recovered aluminum packages.  This process has enabled Gottlieb to be competitive for this type of material, which it uses to complement a traditional raw material mix.  The company is processing and melting this material on site and is looking to build relationships with solid waste processors and MRFs in an effort to give them a competitive outlet to market recovered aluminum packages.

Herbold USA
North Smithfield, Rhode Island

Booth #102

Herbold Meckesheim USA  is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of size reduction equipment for the plastics and recycling industries.  The company's products are used in a variety of applications from traditional to innovative and include: granulators, shredders, pulverizers, plastcompactors, wash lines, thermal dryers and fully integrated systems.

Heritage Interactive Services
Indianapolis, Indiana
(317) 334-2300

Booth #312

Heritage Interactive Services is the industry leader in sustainable, total waste management programs, servicing customers across North America.  The company's programs allow customers to meet and exceed their corporate goals for landfill reduction, lower operating costs, increased recycling and/or zero waste to landfill.  Heritage experts have the experience and drive to find new and innovative solutions to all clients' waste management needs.  The company continuously learns and fosters best practices across facilities and industries.

Indiana Recycling Coalition (IRC)   
Indianapolis, Indiana   

Booth #305        

The Indiana Recycling Coalition (IRC) is a nonprofit organization representing concerned citizens, state and local governments, business and industry, and other nonprofit groups.  It was established in December 1989.  The IRC works to advance waste reduction, reuse, composting and recycling in Indiana via education and outreach alongside legislative advocacy.  The IRC supports policies and programs that advance sustainable materials management in order to conserve natural resources, reduce energy use, encourage environmental responsibility and create green jobs through recycling.

Keep America Beautiful
Stamford, Connecticut

Booth #212

Keep America Beautiful is the nation’s leading nonprofit group focused on building and sustaining vibrant communities.  With a national network of community-based affiliates, KAB works with millions of volunteers, who take action in their communities to transform public spaces into beautiful places. Through the organization's programs and public-private partnerships, KAB engages individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their local environment.  For more information, follow @kabtweet on Twitter and like the group on Facebook.

Franklin, Wisconsin

Booth #206

Krones is a world leader in the manufacture of fully integrated packaging and bottling line systems.  Krones' products include a comprehensive portfolio of PET bottle stretch blow molders along with leading-edge technical knowledge of PET packaging design.  Sustainability is a core principle that has been the catalyst for the development of Krones PET recycling systems.  Krones can supply a turnkey solution for PET recycling, bottle sortation, wash lines and bottle-to-bottle modules.

KTI, Inc.   
Minnetonka, Minnesota  

Booth #208

KTI is a non-asset based domestic and international transportation broker.  The company specializes in arranging truckload, less than truckload, drayage, rail and intermodal shipments throughout its large network of contracted carriers.  Established in 1997 and headquartered near Minneapolis, KTI features a “customer first” philosophy in offering services that include over the road (van, flatbed and refrigerated), domestic and international container drayage, expedited shipments and consulting services.

Machinex Technologies, Inc.
High Point, North Carolina

Booth #300

Machinex offers complete engineering design, manufacturing and installation of materials recovery facilities (single-stream, MSW, C&D, WTE and more).  As a leader in sorting technologies, Machinex experts have designed and installed over 350 turnkey facilities in partnership with leading MRFs in North America and Northern Europe.  The company also offers a full range of high-quality recycling equipment such as disc screen separators, ballistic separators, balers, trommels, optical sorting, conveyors and much more.

National Recovery Technologies LLC. (NRT)   
Nashville, Tennessee   

Booth #207

NRT Optical Sorting: Setting the standard for speed, accuracy and reliability in optical sorting. BHS incorporates NRT’s optical sorting technology into material processing systems, providing our customers with state-of-the-art, high-speed infrared detection and precise color sorting capabilities. These systems sort containers at industry-leading efficiency and purity rates. NRT is a recognized world leader in automated optical sorting of materials for recycling, holding more than 35 patents in the field with a talented staff of scientists, engineers and technicians. Whether customers are targeting PET, HDPE, mixed plastics, metals or organics, NRT's accurate and reliable optical sorters will help lower labor costs and improve recovery.

National Recycling Coalition
Washington, D.C.
(202) 618-2107

Booth #313

The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) is a national nonprofit corporation with more than 3,000 members committed to maintaining a prosperous and productive American recycling system to conserve our natural resources.  NRC represents and advocates for every sector of the recycling industry (nonprofit organizations, businesses, trade associations, individuals and government).  Members receive insight on pending federal policies/programs, the tools and resources to convey the economic and environmental benefits of recycling, as well as ongoing networking and educational opportunities.

The Recycling Partnership
Washington, D.C.   

Booth #301/303

The Recycling Partnership is an industry funded 501 (c)(3) nonprofit  partnership aimed at transforming the U.S. curbside recycling system.  This organization understands the importance of robust curbside recycling to feed domestic end markets and is designed to grow participation in curbside recycling programs nationwide by engaging all public and private recycling stakeholders.

Rehrig Pacific Company   
Los Angeles, California   

Booth #307

Rehrig Pacific Company provides logistics optimization solutions for 11 industries: bakery, beverage, dairy, environmental, food service, produce, protein, beer, wine and spirits, retail, automotive and home improvement, and upstream supply chain.  Rehrig’s solutions challenge the status quo on how products and ideas move.  The company’s success comes from focusing on customers’ needs, integrating technology to eliminate waste and delivering solutions that are easy to implement.

Resource Recycling, Inc.   
Portland, Oregon   

Booth # 114

Resource Recycling, Inc. is the publisher of three industry magazines – Resource Recycling, E-Scrap News and Plastics Recycling Update – and is the primary sponsor of the Resource Recycling Conference, the E-Scrap Conference and the Plastics Recycling Conference. 

Re-TRAC Connect      
Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Booth #107/109

Re-TRAC Connect is the leading waste diversion software system that sustainability professionals trust to collect, manage and analyze recycling and solid waste data.  Today, over 20,000 sustainability professionals across the U.S. and Canada rely on Re-TRAC Connect to participate in reporting programs, track recycling and waste diversion, and publish achievements online.  Re-TRAC Connect empowers businesses, governments, and nonprofit groups to streamline data collection using custom surveys, automate data aggregation and generate eye-catching reports using advanced analytics.

Sesotec Inc.   
Bartlett, Illinois

Booth #309

Sesotec is one of the world's leading manufacturers and developers of inspection, separation and sorting systems.  Sesotec systems are used in process, packaging and production lines throughout industry and in the specialized preparation of materials for recycling.  Sesotec has developed a range of products unequalled in versatility and quality, and each project is given individual attention to ensure the best practicable solution.  Precision, intelligence and customer focus: these three guiding principles govern the quality of the services the company provides.

Sierra International
Bakersfield, California

Booth #103

Sierra International Machinery is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing, sales, and support of processing equipment to the recycling and scrap industries. Sierra manufacturers two-ram balers, conveyors, and represents Macpresse auto-tie balers, electric cranes, baler/loggers and shear/baler/loggers.

SSI Shredding Systems   
Wilsonville, Oregon   

Booth #302

SSI Shredding Systems engineers, manufactures and services industry-proven size- and volume-reduction solutions.  With installations in over 51 countries spanning all seven continents, SSI utilizes patented features with low-speed, high-torque technologies to produce quality one-, two- and four-shaft industrial shredders along with primary reducers and pre-load compactors. Integrated controls and material handling systems complement SSI’s individual equipment or plant-based systems.  SSI also features in-house engineering to tailor systems to specific needs and a full-service production facility to ensure timely delivery of quality-assured products.

STADLER America LLC   
Spartanburg, South Carolina   

Booth #106

STADLER is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and installing materials recovery facilities for MSW, commingled and single-stream materials.  STADLER has installed more than 200 complete turnkey recycling plants and over 700 ballistic separators worldwide, featuring the most efficient waste separation screen in the industry for paper, containers and fines.  STADLER’s high-quality engineering and manufacturing operations are based in Germany.  STADLER America is located in South Carolina, guaranteeing reliable spare-parts supply and after-sales service.

Steel Recycling Institute   
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   

Booth #311

The Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) is an industry association that promotes and sustains the recycling of all steel products.  The SRI educates the solid waste industry, government, business and consumers about the benefits of steel's infinite recycling cycle through credibly communicating recycling, sustainability and life cycle data.  Follow the SRI on Twitter through @EnviroMetal.

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions   
Stamford, Connecticut   

Booth #200

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Bollegraaf, Lubo and TITECH machinery.  The company specializes in proven technology in the fields of sizing, sorting, recovery and baling of recyclables.  Boasting over 2,400 efficient and profitable plants in North America, VAN DYK's turnkey service fully equips with design, installation, training and lifelong support.

Waste Management
Houston, Texas

Waste Management, Inc. is the leading provider of comprehensive environmental solutions in North America.  Through its subsidiaries, the company provides collection, transfer, recycling and resource recovery and disposal services.  It is one of the largest residential recyclers, and the company serves residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers throughout North America.

Zimmer America Recycling Solutions / STF Group/ARTEC   
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Booth #108

Zimmer America Recycling Solutions is a technology and machinery solutions provider for plastic recycling machinery and turnkey plants, providing sales, installation, after-sales service and spare parts.  ZARS is the exclusive full-service sales representative for Germany based STF Group (rPET-bottle-to-bottle installations, complete plastic sorting and washing lines for all types of plastic, dry label removal, dry/wet grinders, sink-float tanks, air-elutriation and hot washers), and Austrian based ARTEC (modular extrusion systems for plastic film, fiber, flakes into granulate, cutting-compacting, extruding, degassing, filtration and pelletizing).