Ancillary Workshops, Meetings and Events Request

Complete one request form for each workshop, meeting and/or event. Ancillary workshops, meetings and events are subject to approval by conference management.  The contact person listed below will be notified of approval status. Once approved, the contact person will receive additional information and hotel and audio/visual contacts to successfully plan the workshop, meeting or event.

Name *
Phone *
Type of Event/Meeting *
How it will appear on the conference website, program, signs, promotions, etc.
Description will be used on the conference website, program, promotions, etc. Descriptions will be edited by Resource Recycling editorial team.
Registration Fee to Attend Event/Meeting *
Any ancillary workshops, meetings or events that charge a registration fee will be subject to a 15% or $15 (whichever is greater) administrative fee for each paid registration/attendee to be paid to conference management to cover bank fees and administrative costs. Attendees will register and pay for any ancillary workshop, meeting or event through the conference registration form.
Requested Room Set-Up *
Organization hosting workshop, meeting or event is responsible to confirm room sets with the assigned hotel event manager.
Additional Services Requested *
Organization hosting workshop, meeting or event is responsible to secure and pay for any services requested.
Preferred Date *
Preffered Time *
Requested number of hours (i.e., 2 hour meeting).