Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Going Green

Housekeeping and Guest Rooms

  • Clean the World! Unused or leftover soap bars and shower toiletry items are collected and donated to national organization to be processed and delivered to areas affected by hygiene related diseases
  • All guestrooms linens, bed sheets, towels, and amenities are replaced every third day (based on same occupant in the room) or upon request
  • Old terry products (towels, washcloth) from the guest rooms are donated to other internal departments and local charities in need
  • Low flow toilets and low flow shower heads in all guest rooms
  • Use recycled plastic guest room key cards instead of magnetic
  • Guest room occupancy controlled digital thermostats

Public and Event Spaces / General Hotel

  • Motion sensor on faucets and auto flush on toilets in public restrooms
  • Variable frequency drives and high efficiency motors added to air handlers, pumps and kitchen hood exhaust system
  • Electronic waste picked up quarterly for recycling
  • Lost and found clothing donated to non-profit organizations in the local community
  • Energy management system installed to assist with temperature zoning
  • On-going lighting upgrades to LED
  • Roof material of hotel is a white-coated membrane that reflects heat off the building
  • Recycle as much as possible, including boxes, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, used cooking oil, ballasts and light bulbs

Culinary and Kitchen

  • Partner with Feeding America to divert any edible banquet over production to the homeless in the community
  • Control food waste through proper ordering methods and creative utilization
  • Partnership with local pig farm to reduce wet food waste while providing sustainable feed for animals
  • RTI fryer system recycles all used fryer oil; the external filtration system extends the life of the oil by 15%
  • All freezer and walk-in uits have plastic air flow curtains to reduce loss of temperature and minimizes output
  • Kitchen and stewarding rags are washable/reusable, recycled from the housekeeping department